Maxshine WS01 Wheel Stand Tire Roller

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  1. Durable Construction w/ Aluminum Frame.

  2. Polyurethane Casters with Locking Lever ensure Smooth Rotation.

  3. Easy to clean, store and take with you on the go.

  4. Easy installation,No drilling is required.

  5. Ideal for:ceramic coating application, wheel renovation, polishing the rims, painting rims, cleaning rims.


Size: 58cm x 39cm x 92cm


Style: 3 pcs grey rollers

Color: Black


Cleaning, polishing, and protecting your heavy car and truck wheels has never been more efficient or effective than now.

Introducing Maxshine’s Wheel Stand Tire Roller; by removing the wheels from the vehicle and placing them on the durable and easy-to-roll rail system, you can reduce strain on your body and place the wheel at any comfortable level to ensure simple and effective detailing evenly across the surface.